Megan Jayne Crabbe 🐼 (she/her)’s Instagram photo: “🎨: @handsomegirldesigns 🌼 I wonder whether there will ever be a time when a conversation about body positivity can happen without someone…”



  1. Posted by XenoBichaos, — Reply

    Yellow bikini at the bottom. That's my exact proportion but my health is shit, see me stacking cheese to my burger and getting a burrito right after everyday. I just have a fast digestive system

  2. Posted by ellarybending1342, — Reply

    My body is a weird straight hourglass shape, I also have hip dips. And that’s normal, my body type is not represented a lot so I just would like to get that out there. ❤️

  3. Posted by Flowerchildsksk, — Reply

    Blue sports bra at the bottom is me basically and ppl always either comment on being able to se my ribs or my stomach sticking out the SMALLEST BIT. Im pretty healthy but i still have ppl calling me fat bc i have no thigh gap. :/

  4. Posted by avery_sg, — Reply

    Everyone is saying which one they look like but then I’m over here with broad-ass shoulders who can’t relate to any of them lmaoo 😭😂

  5. Posted by alyssastanbarne, — Reply

    Light blue bikini at the bottom, and people assume I’m fat and unhealthy when I been dieting and working out for years now, I’m just muscular

  6. Posted by gryffindorquidditch5, — Reply

    I’m anorexic and it’s NOT healthy. I’m practically skin and bones. I will be put inpatient and have blood tests done so often, and I can and will die if I continue down this path. Same with obesity, it’s mostly caused by an eating disorder, and will lead to health problems and eventually death if you don’t put a stop to it. I support all body types, but no. Not all are healthy.

  7. Posted by kateleighkat, — Reply

    Yellow bikini in the middle 2nd row is close to my body type. I’ve got a pretty normal diet and exercise often but I can never get real slim.

  8. Posted by isabelsofiya, — Reply

    I’m the green bikini on the top. My diet is really uneven I’ll eat avocado toast with tofu for breakfast and a piece of chocolate cake for dinner 😂

  9. Posted by cccmoncccmongogo, — Reply

    It doesn't matter what I eat or if I exercise or not, I can't seem to gain weight. Many people have asked me about my health because I'm so thin you can see my ribcage. I'm honestly kind of tired of it

  10. Posted by aydenblm, — Reply

    yellow bikini on the bottom :( JKKKKK HAAAA YOU THIUGHT I WAS SAD ABOUT MY BODY? everyone is beautiful. no matter how big or small they are

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